Review of Vivo V21 smartphone suitable for blogging and ticking

With regards to mid and spending plan range cell phones in the present market, Vivo is a name not to be missed. I have checked on with regards to a beautiful telephone of Vivo. Is this telephone with the world’s initial 44 megapixel optical picture adjustment selfie camera actually a selfie master?

We will likewise examine this issue in the survey. At the point when I heard this telephone in my grasp, I thought it was somewhat costly. Furthermore I can’t start to understand its worth.

In any case, when I opened this telephone and began utilizing it, then, at that point, some way or another I began overlooking this telephone. Up until this point, it has been one of my beloved telephones.

Mate plan and looks

This telephone looks appealing when you check out it. Enveloped by matte dark, glass front and plastic edge, the telephone has Corning Gorilla Glass insurance on the front. This glass is light, solid and furthermore viable with contact screen.

Both the weight and the width make it agreeable to convey. So it is easy to convey. Discussing its shading choices, the telephone is accessible in Dusk Blue, Sunset Diesel and Arctic White.

In the general shading choices, Sunset Dazzle and Minimal plan with ‘Glare impact’ is liked while Dusk Blue or Arctic is liked while white tone is fine. Yet, in Nepal, just Dusk Blue and Sunset Diesel choices are accessible.

The telephone I have is a diesel. The rectangular module with three cameras on the back looks extremely alluring. Looking from the front, you can see the selfie camera with OIS of 44 megapixels.

Which I will talk about in a second. There is a clamor crossing out mic on the highest point of the telephone. Essentially, assuming you take a gander at the right side, there is a volume button and underneath that there is a power button.

As the unique finger impression sensor is inside the screen, there is no sensor for it on the back or side. Discussing the lower part of the telephone, it very well may be found in a marginally unique sort of progress than other cell phones. At first there is a half and half double SIM plate. . Which upholds outside miniature SD card dependent upon one TB. Most telephones have a SIM plate on the left side. Yet, it has a lower part. The SIM plate is trailed by a charging port and a speaker barbecue, individually.

You might ponder where the earphone jack is. Yet, the charging port additionally functions as an earphone jack. For that, Vivo has likewise given headphones and Type C sound jack in the container alongside V21.

You can pay attention to the tune with delight by interfacing the connector to the charging port and associating it to the earphones. Not just that, any outer mouthpiece can likewise be associated with this connector and recorded on the telephone.

While saying this, you might feel that you can’t hear the tune from the wired headphones while charging. I suspected as much from the beginning. Be that as it may, as I was driving, I didn’t actually want to. I will likewise discuss why its battery life.

That is it, Buddy and plan. Presently we should discuss the embellishments accessible with the telephone.


In the case alongside telephone related records and manuals you will find a beautiful SIM plate ejector, 33 watt connector, type C link, headphones, headphone connector and a cover made of straightforward elastic.

Here is the thing about wire headphones. It’s truly agreeable for the ears. We can without much of a stretch use it on PCs or other Android cell phones. It can likewise be recorded by putting an outside mic in the headphone connector.

One more significant element of the frill is the 33 watt streak charge 2.0. It requires just 30 minutes to charge Vivo V21 from zero to 63 percent and it doesn’t require even one hour to completely charge.

The front of the telephone is straightforward yet it is reasonable for the plan of the telephone. Generally speaking, I figure the frill that Vivo will give this cell phone are ‘A-One’.

Show, UI and brilliance

 Presently we should discuss the presentation. The telephone has a 6.44 inch show with smooth and 90 Hz invigorate rate, AMOLED board, HDR 10 Plus help.

The HDR10 Plus is a static innovation that helps the telephone show tones and differentiation in reality. This implies watching the video can want to watch, all things considered.

The normal brilliance is by all accounts 200/300 nits, however it has 500 nits. This brilliance gives a magnificent encounter inside and around evening time.

Be that as it may, for Daylight, the brilliance of 500 nits in this scope of telephones is somewhat low. Since even on some spending plan telephones, the brilliance of 800 nits has begun coming.


Execution and capacity

Vivo has additionally empowered expandable RAM innovation in the V20 series with extra amazing processors. There are two variations of 8 GB RAM. One has 128 GB and the other 256 GB interior stockpiling.

Be that as it may, presently just 128 GB is accessible in Nepal. It additionally has up to three GB of expandable space, so a sum of 11 GB is adequate. Furthermore it has a different opening for holding dependent upon one TB of memory.

All things considered, you don’t need to stress over running out of capacity for photographs, recordings, archives, music and applications. With respect to the processor, it has Octacore MediaTek Dimension 800U. It feels smooth when messing around, paying attention to music, running a substantial application, or streaming substance.

Working framework

Vivo’s 20 FunTouch working framework additionally runs on 11.1 Android adaptation. There will be refreshes before long. The UI of this telephone is smooth and easy to understand. Nonetheless, when you swipe the telephone all over, the notice bar at the top parchments quicker than the application bar.

Battery life

One of the appealing elements of this telephone is its battery life. Obviously, it just has a 4000 mAh limit battery. Presently even an ordinary telephone accompanies a 6000 mAh battery, so it might appear to be that the battery endures less.

However, since it upholds 33 watt quick charging, this telephone charges exceptionally quick. Viva said that in any event, when publicizing this fan, it charges 63% quickly. This telephone is completely energized in with regards to an hour when I charge.

When completely energized and worked regularly, it goes on for oneself and a half days. So you don’t need to stress regardless of whether it is a similar part for plane and charging. Since with a brief charge, this fan can run the entire day. So the battery life has given this telephone a decent taste.


The principle and alluring element of this telephone is its camera. Triple back camera with rectangular module configuration makes this fan look alluring. Alongside the 64MP essential camera, it additionally has an OIS 8MP full scale shooter.

The nature of the primary camera was stunning when I checked out the without a doubt entryways. Regardless of whether inside or outside the forest, the breaks appear to be clearing. Regardless of the place where the foot is drawn at a ultra wide point.

On account of the camera, I got the outcome as per the promotion. The OIS and EIS (Optical Image Stabilization and Electric Image Stabilization) in the essential camera help to clear the shots in any event, when the fan is moving.

The selfie camera feels shockingly better here. One is 44 megapixels, on top of that there is a twofold blaze on the two sides of the camera as a spotlight. In any event, when taking selfies in obscurity, great quality comes out. It doesn’t have numerous choices on the screen.

Go to settings and change its goal. Presently we should discuss the video. Fan can catch recordings up to Forke. This is the thing that I truly like. When shooting full HD video, it accompanies an extremely consistent video.

Everything can be changed by going to the video settings. The OIS and EIS in this telephone make the video smoother by lessening the cooperative energy. On the off chance that you are shooting a video while strolling some place, it is caught by Smooth. Publishing content to a blog is much seriously energizing.

Assuming you have stabilizer in the back camera, you might have seen it in many fans. In any case, it additionally has a stabilizer in the front camera. This present fan’s spotlight additionally upholds recordings with fun. So even in such a dull spot, you can take recordings and photographs from the selfie camera.


I played by introducing Pubji on this telephone. In any event, when playing in full HD mode, high goal, I didn’t track down such logs That is the reason I was flabbergasted at the 21 client encounters. When messing around this way, the telephones get exceptionally hot.

Yet, even subsequent to playing bars for around a few hours, I didn’t think that it is exceptionally hot. Furthermore something else is that when playing the game, the battery likewise helps a ton contrasted with different fans.

Be that as it may, eventually, it doesn’t uphold gaming triggers. So no outside gadget is kept in this fan for gaming. This fan is ideally suited for other straightforward games.

Who is this telephone for?

The principle fascination of this fan is the selfie camera and the OIS in addition to EIS in it. Indeed, it is sufficient to catch a movement video on YouTube, an indoor shooter and a prepare video in Thai hardware.

Not just that, the spotlight helps a ton when making a ticket. There is no absence of value when making ticks in indoor. What’s more with the help of Starez and Battery Life, this fan appears to be a full bundle for the present youthful age and content makers.

Adding another element to any fan will think twice about different things. I couldn’t help thinking that it would have been exceptional assuming two things had occurred. In the event that there were 800 nits rather than 500 nits, they would be useful for outside.

Other than that, since there is no sound system speaker, I thought its sound was a digit little. What’s more the battery life might have been exceptional assuming it had been 6000 mAh rather than 4000 mAh. However, other than that, Fain is a sensible choice.

Presently we should discuss its value range. Evaluated at Rs 49,999, assuming you are befuddled with regards to whether or not to purchase this telephone, think like this, what are you purchasing for?

Assuming that you are hoping to put resources into quality video and contributing to a blog, or on the other hand assuming that you are hoping to put quality video on the ticket, then, at that point, an expert shoot, sufficient capacity and nearly all that you want for a strong battery is here. Yet, presently in the event that your need isn’t camera, battery and capacity, you can get different choices at a lower cost.