Apple has increased the price of the battery again, how expensive will it be to repair the iPhone?


If your iPhone is out of warranty and it’s time to replace the battery in your phone, then this repair is going to be expensive for you. Apple has again increased the price of iPhone batteries. This price increase in the international market is going to kill Nepali consumers as well.

The company has issued a notice and informed that the price of all old iPhone batteries released before March 2022 has increased by $20. Also, the price increase of this battery will apply to old iPhones, some iPads, MacBooks and some international markets as well, the company said.

According to today’s exchange rate of US dollar, 20 Nepali currency is 20646 rupees.

This means that iPhones bought before last March will have to be replaced by about 3,000 rupees more than the current amount. For example, now it costs about 10,000 to change the battery of iPhone 13, but now it will cost 13,000 rupees to change its battery.

Currently, all iPhone 14 models are under warranty. But to replace the battery of older phones is expensive for the customer.