Bajaj’s popular motorcycle ‘Pulsar 150’ production stopped, this is the reason


The production of Pulsar 150, the first motorcycle of the Bajaj Pulsar segment, is going to be discontinued. Pulsar 150 was the motorcycle that accounted for a large share of Bajaj’s sales.

Bajaj Auto is going to stop the production of Pulsar 150 after launching Bajaj Pulsar P 150 some time ago. The Pulsar 150 with a history of more than 2 decades has been replaced by the new generation P 150 of Pulsar 150.

Bajaj Auto discontinued the production of Pulsar 180 in August 2022 and Pulsar 220 at the end of 2021. Bajaj has been updating the Pulsar 150 at different times.

The first generation Pulsar 150 generated 12 BH power. In 2003, the company used twin spark ignition technology in it. This has increased the Pulsar’s performance as well as fuel efficiency. At that time, the company used Nitrok suspension in the rear of the Pulsar.

The new Pulsar P150 launched by Bajaj Auto has come with a very sporty design compared to the old Pulsar 150. Features like sleek headlamps, sporty fuel tank, underwelly exhaust, LED taillamps, monoshock suspension can be found in the new Pulsar.

Compared to the old Pulsar, the total weight of the new Pulsar has been reduced by 10 kg. The engine in the Pulsar P150 generates 14.5 PS of power and 13.5 Nm of torque. The company says that the engine has been made smoother and its vibration and noise have been reduced.